The Vice President and Mrs. Agnew Visit Palm Springs (1971)

Support trip to Palm Springs Ca.
The Vice President's arrival on AF-2

Type Of Activity
Communications Support Trip
Palm Springs California
Date of Activity
 27 Dec 1971 to 4 Jan 1972
 33°49′26″N 116°31′49″W

27 Dec 71 to Palm Springs CA with Vice President and Mrs. Agnew

Vice President Agnew scheduled a golfing vacation in Palm Springs, which would include New Year’s Day of 1972. Three CCT members were sent to Palm Springs where we met with the Staff Advance and USSS agent to discuss the VP’s Itinerary.  After checking into our rooms at the Motel we made a radio survey to insure coverage at Bob Hopes residence where the VP and Mrs. Agnew would be staying. 

Since the arrival and departure of Air Force Two would be at the Palm Springs International Airport we also tested coverage at the terminal and the ramp where the aircraft would be parked.  We also checked out two golf courses for coverage, Rancho Mirage Country Club, and Tamarack Country Club. 
The Rancho Mirage Country Club
The Tamarack Country Club
The Vice President was to play golf with Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope during his stay.

Frank Sinatra’s estate at the Tamarack Country Club
Bob Hope golfing  with Vice President Agnew
All of the trips we made were pretty routine, but all of them were different in what we experienced. This was my final trip to Palm Springs and I will always remember the resorts and people that we worked with and how they made our jobs easier

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