The Vice President at the 1971 Bob Hope Desert Classic (1971)

1971 Bob Hope Desert Classic

12th BOB HOPE DESERT CLASSIC at Bermuda Dunes Country Club

Type Of Activity
Golf Tournament
Palm Springs California
Date of Activity
 10 Feb 1971 to 14 Feb 1971
 33°49′26″N 116°31′49″

08 February 1971 to Palm Springs with Vice President Agnew 
Three members of the San Clemente CCT were sent to Palm Springs set up communications at the residence of Frank Sinatra, where the Vice President would be staying while he was in Palm Springs.
 Frank Sinatra’s estate in Palm Springs 
We also conducted a radio survey of the Palm Springs International Airport where the VP would arrive and depart on Air Force Two, and finally checked out coverage at the Bermuda Dunes Golf Course

The Palm Springs International Airport
The 12th Annual Bob Hope Desert Classic was held  at the Bermuda Dunes Country Club ran from 10 February to 14 February 1971 with Arnold Palmer winning the tournament.

The Vice President golfing in the 1971 Bob Hope Desert Classic with Bob Hope
A great souvenir from the 1971 Desert Classic         
When the tournament was over the Vice President returned to Frank Sinatra's residence and the next day returned to Washington DC. We did what we always did removed the Communications equipment and returned to El Toro and wait for our next assigned trip.

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