The Vice President visits San Diego

The Vice President at a Republican Fund Raiser
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Type Of Activity
Speech and Fund Raiser
San Diego CA
Date of Activity
 01 Nov 1970 

05 Apr 71 to San Diego CA-Political Speech

The CCT was in the middle of another one of the Presidents working vacation at the Western White House. The day after the Presidents arrival I was sent to Los Angles to support the President with the presentation at the Samuel Goldwyn estate in Beverly Hills CA which lasted for only a couple of Hours.

Several days after my return I found out that the Vice President was planning a visit to San Diego International Airport. During his overnight stay he would speak at a Republican Fund Raiser and hold a Press Conference at the Airport.

Vice President Agnew talks to reporters
We set up our radios in the CP and at the Airport where we also had a number of Press Phones installed. I came down from San Clemente to work the Vice Presidents departure.  The Vice President arrived and addressed the Press, as he was leaving they surrounded him asking questions while the Vice President tried to board AF2.

When I returned home later that evening I found out that I was on the news just standing in the background while the Vice President talked to reporters. My moment of of fame lasted just 10 seconds and I never saw the clip.

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