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The President’s Award Presentation to Samuel Goldwyn (1971)

Award Presentation to Samuel Goldwyn
Samuel Goldwyn's Estate in Beverly Hills
Type Of Activity
 Award Presentation
 Beverly Hills California
Date of Activity
 27 Mar 1971
 34°4′23″N 118°23′58″W 

26 March 1971 to Beverly Hills Ca with President Nixon

While the President and Mrs. Nixon were visiting San Clemente two of us from the CCT was sent to Los Angeles To prepare for another short side trip. The President was planning a short visit to the residence of Samuel Goldwyn. Since this was a very short visit the only requirement for us was to set up a radio base at the Century Plaza Hotel consisting of Baker, Charlie and Sierra frequencies with phone patch capabilities back to the Western White House.  
President Nixon’s remarks as he Presents the Medal of freedom to filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn
March 27, 1 971 Presidents Itinerary to the Samuel Goldwyn house In Beverly Hills Ca.
(10:07 to 10:41 AM) The President flew by helicopter from the Western White House to the Los Angeles helipad.

(10:43 to 10:45 AM) The President motored from The Los Angeles helipad to the Residence of Chairman of the Board, Goldwyn Production Inc., Samuel Goldwyn. The President was met by: Mrs. Samuel Goldwyn and Taft Schreiber, Vice President, Music Corp. of America. The President then presented Samuel Goldwyn with the Medal of Freedom.

(11:20 to 11:32AM) The President motored from the Residence of Samuel Goldwyn to the Los Angeles helipad.

(11:41 to 2:00 PM) The President motored from the Los Angeles helipad to the Western White House.

After working all night to get the radios installed and installing circuits after about four hours we were removing the Radio base stations and returning to San Clemente.


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