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The President Attends a Republican Political Rally in Anaheim (1970)

Political Rally Supporting the Re-Election of Gov. Ronald Reagan
Anaheim Convention Center 
Type of Activity
 Campaign Speech and Political Rally
 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim Ca
Date of Activity
 October 30 1970
 33.802455°N 117.919843°W

October 30 1970 to a Political Rally in Anaheim CA with President Nixon

The purpose of President Nixon’s visit to California in October was to Campaign for all of the Republican candidates running for public office. California Governor Ronald Reagan and Senator George Murphy were also running for re-election in 1970. The President had attended a rally in San Jose just prior to coming to San Clemente.

President Nixon at a political rally for Gov. Ronald Reagan and Senator George Murphy 
Once again the CCT had a very short time frame to get set up for the rally.  Because San Clemente was so close to the Anaheim Convention Center, we were able to utilize many of the facilities at the Western White House.  We installed the Mini board, Commcenter and Radios at the Convention Center. Pacific Bell came through and installed the phones and circuits just before the President arrived. Everything was tested and ready to go.

The President and Mrs. Nixon departed from San Clemente in Army One accompanying them was, Governor Ronald Reagan and Senator George Murphy.

Note: The President spoke at 7:37 p.m. in the Anaheim Convention Center. His remarks were videotaped for broadcast at 8:30 p.m. on the CBS television network on time purchased by the Republican National Committee.

Citation: Richard Nixon: "Remarks in Anaheim, California." October 30, 1970. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project. 
 President Nixon at the Anaheim Convention Center
The President opened by giving an endorsement to Governor Reagan and Senator Murphy.

“I cannot tell you what a proud moment it is for me to be addressing the Nation, for the first time in this campaign, from my native State of California. And I join with all of you in this great hall, and those of you in California, in giving my enthusiastic endorsement to the entire State ticket, and particularly to the leader of that ticket, a man who is the first man of the first State---Ronald Reagan.”

“And I also give my enthusiastic endorsement to all of those on the national ticket, the candidates for the House of Representatives, and to our candidate for the United States Senate for reelection-George Murphy”.

When the rally concluded the Presidential Party departed by Army One and returned to San Clemente.

Unlike the problems we had a couple months earlier with the PA system at the Century Plaza Press Conference, this event went off without any problems.
It was now time to collect and  tear down everything and return  the equipment to our repair shop at El Toro.