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The Presidents visit to the Ocean Reef Club (1972-1973)

President Nixon’s visit to the Ocean Reef Club
Entrance to the Ocean Reef Club on Key Largo FL

Type Of Activity
 Boat Cruise
 Key Largo FL
Date of Activity
 11 November 1972
 25°19'13.0"N 80°16'42.0"W

Multiple visits 1972/1973 to Key Largo FL to support President Nixon

Whenever the Nixon’s came to the Florida White House for the weekend they would always relax with the Presidents friends, Bebe Rebozo and Robert Abplanalp. They would go usually go to the Bahamas, play Golf locally, or take a boat ride on Mr. Robozo’s house boat the Coco Lobo III!  This weekend would be no exception the Presidential party would go by boat to the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, which was approximately thirty miles south of the Key Biscayne Compound.

We were very familiar with the Ocean Reef Club because Mr. Rebozo owned a villa at the club and we did quite a bit of work installing the stereo equipment and ceiling speakers in the house and the outdoor speakers’ poolside.  We were always sent down to the villa in advance of the President arrival to make sure that the TV and Stereo equipment was fully functional. We would check the pool heater and other mechanical equipment in the house.
"Wolf Hound" Volga 70 Hydrofoil (2008)
The President and Mr. Rebozo first went boating on the Volga 70 Hydrofoil (which was given to the President by Russian Premier Brezhnev after his trip to Russia).  We had un-officially assigned the hydrofoil the codename of Wolf Hound.  After about an Hour cruising in Biscayne Bay the President and Mr. Rebozo returned to the dock and then boarded the Coco Lobo III.
The President and Mr. Rebozo on the Coco Lobo III
Departing the dock at Key Biscayne on a cruise to North Key Largo, FL
The President would then cruise to North Key Largo Docking at the Ocean Reef Club where they motored to Mr. Robozo’s villa. The Coco Lobo III then returned to Key Biscayne. The President and Mr. Rebozo were greeted by Robert H. Abplanalp when they arrived at the villa. They then watched a college football game and ate dinner.  After dinner the President, Mr. Rebozo and Mr. Abplanalp motored from the Ocean Reef Club to the North Key Largo helipad and returned to the Key Biscayne Compound on Marine One.  
Cruising and fishing on the Coco Lobo III was a common occurrence every time the President visited the Florida White House.  

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